Who are we?

Our Purpose

To provide class leading and niche products and professional services in highly competitive Information technology space with focus on platform, cloud and data science

Our Ambition

To be niche technology player in the areas of ITSM, Cloud Management and Data Science and to be preferred partner for integrators and more importantly for our customers in their journey to become efficient and cost effective to manage IT and Business

Our Location

Bangalore : Hub of IT professionals in India
Paris: Proximity Center

Our Services

Automate Design
  •  Offerings
      Process Design
      Desin Workshop
      Iterative Design
      Domain Driven Design
  •  Profiles
      Business Analyst
      Domain Experts
      Management Consultants
      Solution Architects
Automate Develop
  •  Offerings
      Agile Delivery
  •  Profiles
      Technical Consultants
      Technical Architects
Automate Automate
  •  Offerings
      Predictive modeling
      Intelligent workflows
      Automated Test Framework
  •  Profiles
      Automation engineers
      Automation Testers
Automate Secure
  •  Offerings
      Security Operations
      Assessment Services
      Program Management
      Developer Coaching
  •  Profiles
      Security Consultants

Our Areas of Expertise

  •  IT
      IT Operations Management
      IT Business Management
  •  Security
      Security Operations
      Governance, Risk and Compliance
  •  Other
      Customer Service Management
      HR Service Delivery
      Custom Business Applications
  •  Platforms
      HP Service Manager
      HP PPM
  •  Integrations
      Web Services
      API Management
  •  Reporting
      Performance Analytics
      BI Tools - Business Objects
Other Services
  •  Cloud Management
      Cloud Management Platform
      Cloud Run Platform
  •  Data Science
      Data science as a service
      Predictive Analysis
      Cognitive Analysis

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